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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Scooter Parts!

Shiny, hot rod, hop-up parts arrived in the mail yesterday! Its the new intake manifold from PowerSportsFactory that Alan promised me last week.

It is a very neat looking piece. Much bigger than the stock intake manifold. I'll take some comparison pictures this weekend when I get a couple hours to tinker with the Vento. I'm also going to scratch together a better arrangement to secure my air filter and intake tube than the plastic zip ties I'm currently using.

The repair parts to fix the damage from last week's boat attack are supposed to be shipping to me today so they won't arrive in time to be installed this weekend, giving me some work to look forward to next weekend. And in another week or two, the new exhaust pipe should be arriving. But I still can't tell you about that...

UPDATE: Gunner wanted pictures- so here's one of the my new part, next to the stock part.

Here's another:

I have to mention that I was stuck tonight trying to install the shiny new part. Its so much longer than the stock one that I couldn't fit it and the carburetor between the intake port and a part of the chassis. After I put it back together stock I think I figured out the solution. I've got to remove the manifold studs and get matching bolts! Then I can put the two parts together, fit them into the frame and then align the holes and put the bolts in. Its an old hot rodder trick that slipped my mind until it was dinner time.

So now I have to buy some bolts!

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